the ghoulish i-ching alternate by dr paul

would you like to play a game with me? not for the faint hearted or easily paranoid

i have an old medical encyclopedia in front of me. i can predict your medical afflictions for the next ten years.

just do this:

pick a number between 2 and 368

then pick the letters a,b,or c.

do this 2 times.

so it would be (23a,149c) for example.

i'll post your results tonight.

at worst they'll offend, come true and you'll die horribly.

at best it'll teach you to savour every moment before real pain and discomfort set in.

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15 Responses to the ghoulish i-ching alternate by dr paul

  1. Lauri says:

    Ok, I am trying to think of a way to do this randomly, so that it will truly be fate.
    However, I am also lazy, and don't want to cut up paper and number it 1-368. *suspicion sets in* wait a minute…this will be alphabetical, won't it? Hmmm..which maladies are worst…the beginning of the alphabet or the end?
    Ok, here's my numbers
    147 A
    360 B

  2. subideal says:

    Dear doctor,
    I fear that I may have a bad case of 245b, and a lingering 74c. What can it possibly mean?

  3. cha0tic says:

    I'll have a55 A and 204 B please Bob.If I've done it right. You should be able to use a Google Docs Spread Sheet to get Random Numbers for this by following This Link. The Sheet works. I used it to get my numbers. Whether you can see it and use it yourself is another matter. I've never tried that before.

  4. cha0tic says:

    Or maybe try This Link

  5. Ooooh, oooh! Me too:666C&517BThnx!

  6. Jamie says:

    Oh, DeWitte is gonna love this! He's a hypochondriac of the highest order. For example, he woke up with a back ache and self diagnosed himself with endometriosis. I think that might have been a medical first. Then that time we all had a bad cough..well, Nathan and I did, DeWitte had congestive heart failure. I can't wait to see what disease you diagnose him with. It could provide weeks of entertainment on my part.For mine, I'll take 48c and 293a, please.

  7. navelgazer says:

    4b and 312a, if you please. thank you, dr. (I'm picturing you rather like gene wilder in young frankenstein, for the record.)

  8. Now that I have my spectacles on I see that my response is not within parameters. I humbly beseech a do-over. 367b & 217c, if you please, kind sir.

  9. dewitte says:

    Oh, thank you kind Sir! Now I can finally get some closure!345c218a

  10. doctors surgery now closed. results will appear within the hour on next post.

  11. That's what I get for reading backwards… My apologies.May I please have a disease?

  12. sure, since it's you grumblebunny.
    i'll reopen the surgery + show you your results tomorrow.
    pick a number between 2 and 368
    then pick the letters a,b,or c.
    do this 2 times.

  13. I am failing in my keeping on Navarone Time. However, Thank you for reopening the surgery on my behalf. I am appreciative and I recommend looking into shares of Tartar Sauce.4c & 127a

  14. i have passed your recommendations on tartare onto the finance department.

  15. immediately corner the world market on all of the green pickle relish and mayonnaise, make your own Tartare, name it the Widow Klaussman's Secret Recipe Tartare (With an E) Sauce, sell it to the public at large.Make a million dollars.

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