insert noise that the teacher made in the peanuts cartoons

have you ever had a crossed line? on the phone i mean? its just the best. i wish it happened all the time but its only happened to me twice. people sqwuaking away oblivious that you can hear every word. in fact im gonna see about tappin some phone lines cos it just makes me so happy. and maybe get one of those ariel and headphone things that lets you pick up sound from windows opposite. thats how it all starts i suppose. crossed lines. then next thing you know youre doing the old jimmy stewart wheelchair routine with grace kelly plunderin through ironsides hat box. what the fuk is with jimmy in that film? he cant commit to marryin grace kelly ? wtf? then again she does seem a bit of a bore kelly. shes nice lookin but shed probably get to be a right pain in the tits after a while. paintin her fuckin toenails all the time. buyin headscarfs. right enuf she did have enuf spunk to burgle neighbours so she cant be that bad. shes a quandry. thats what she is. one moment gorgeous vacuous vogue flicking plastic wrapped barbie doll next minute burgling grave digging grubby sex tiger. youre crazy grace. you are a crazee bitch. thats what you are. keepin us all guessin arent you grace? sos we cant pigeon hole ya. you crazy bird.  mmm mmm. youve got the right idea right enuf jimmy. i take it all back. keep your options open mate. you dont know what that double identitied doll is gonna do next. shes a goddam fruitloop that kelly. all goody two-shoes, girl next door on the outside, on the inside~wall to wall crazy frogs.

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16 Responses to insert noise that the teacher made in the peanuts cartoons

  1. I now know what I want to be when I grow up:a burgling grave digging grubby sex tiger. That is all.

  2. navelgazer says:

    mmm, and I want wall to wall crazy frogs.

  3. Jando says:

    Like this post – I thought it was going to be about crossed lines and then it turns out to be all about grazy crace. It kept me guessing, that's for sure.

  4. Jamie says:

    I have, I have! I heard a doctor bawl out some nurse when she called and interrupted his dinner party because his patient went into cardiac arrest…how dare she bug him over something so trivial!Personally, I couldn't have been married to Jimmy Stewart..he's so goody two shoes it makes you get a cavity just watching him..oh, not to mention the marbles in the mouth way he talked…I'd have to smack those marbles right out within two months and then they'd arrest me for domestic abuse. I need to be around people that let a decent string of expletives out when they stub their toe.

  5. then every day should be dedicated toward that very aim! train, learn, hone, dig, purr, achieve your goal!

  6. hey jando
    its not planned, i just have a really bad memory and cant remember what i was talking about at the start of the text. when your brain is like scrambled eggs the stories can go anywhere!
    its called fiction through attention deficit disorder.

  7. navelgazer says:

    I was actually thinking more a kind of interactive floorcovering. I do suppose there'd be the occasional squish– but they're crazy frogs, so maybe PETA wouldn't object.

  8. oh thats a good one, the best in fact. the only way you could have done any better would be if you heard a murder over the crossed line! that wouldv been pretty hitchcock.

    ohh! what! this is a new side of you jamie. you'd smack the shit out of jimmy stewart?? thats like pasting mother theresa or kicking the angel gabriels teeth in. man thats like drowning kittens. your banned! for the next hour! no entry for you!. american hero jimmy stewart. i cant believe it. does dewitte know this? i need a lie down. poor jimmy.

  9. Belladonna says:

    It´s really hard work you know. You need to put in a lot of hours at the burgling grave digging grubby sex tiger school. And they´ve a long waiting list at the moment.

  10. Guess I'll have to pass the time practicing my sex-tiger grave-burgling skillz at home.

  11. exactly. youd be doing the humane thing. whilst still achieving a glossy rubbery floor finish.
    " navelgazers flat flooring. where mentally troubled frogs come to die. "

  12. Jamie says:

    Fine…I'll marry stupid Jimmy Stewart and not knock those marbles out, though, I'd rather marry Cary Grant or Gene Kelly. D'you think Gene Kelly was as cool in school as he was in the movies or do you think he got beat up a lot for all that tap dancing?

  13. Belladonna says:

    You can't have Gene, he's mine, mine, mine! I have a horrible feeling he was beat up a lot, but got the last laugh being famous, talented and rich. SITR is the best musical in the world…

  14. no way. even a violent school bully respects the art of tap. it is the most respected and feared of the playground dances. thats how fred astaire and judy garland ran half of new jersey. not with a gun. with tap!

  15. Lauri says:

    Gahahahahaha. To every bit of this!

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