the glasgow treehouse disaster.

today marks the 75 yr anniversary of the queens park treehouse towerblock and larch tree disaster. Engineered by 8yr old Hughie Duntober, What started as a truancy hideout consisting of a fruit crate and a tyre swing grew to become a major Glasgow residence. Young Hughie kept adding more wood and by the time he was thirty the behemoth had reached 80 floors and its rooms were being rented to families from all over Glasgow. The soaring mish mash of wood pierced low clouds and on a clear day many claimed they could see Ireland, America and sometimes Japan from the upper floors.

The treehouse may well still have been standing to this day if not for a series of unfortunate coincidences. Disaster struck when four of the 60w lightbulbs in the east wing were upgraded to the slightly heavier 100w. the root foundations were put under further strain when Morag McCafferty (still carrying a little pregnancy weight) wandered into the deep end of the east wing swimming pool on the 18th floor. The fate of the delicately balanced towerblock  was sealed however when 16 of the McGurk grandchildren ran from their home in the west wing to an unauthorised sleepover in the McGlashan household in the east wing.  Unable to take the dangerously unbalanced and lop-sided load, the roots were torn asunder and the main trunk sheared causing the 80 storey treehouse to come crashing down.

If not for a passing troop of brownies thirsty for first-aid merit badges, the many splinter injuries could have proved fatal. However it was a p.r. disaster for multistorey treehouses, and was to rewrite the town planning rulebook on 80 storey treehouses, signalling the end of treehouses as a means of densely housing the population.

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30 Responses to the glasgow treehouse disaster.

  1. Belladonna says:

    Perhaps we should all have a minutes silence in commemoration of this tragic event. Is there a civic ceremony with wreath laying taking place later?

  2. prince charles laid a wreath yeh. sang a wee song. did a dance. multi talented that guy.
    mum says thanks for the mothers day card. her internets down.

  3. Belladonna says:

    Feel that a dance is somewhat out of keeping with the due solemnity of this event. Feel old Charlie was really being somewhat disrespectful to the memory of the treehouse disaster. That would never have happened if Anne had been representing the queen.
    Was going to phone the mother, but thought I would miss her with her usual Sunday engagements. Emailed her to say would phone tomorrow, but I guess she won't get that.

  4. shes got a sore throat anyhoo.
    no the dance was like slow mc hammer. it worked perfectly.

  5. Belladonna says:

    Hold on, Hughie Duntober – wasn't he the second cousin three times removed of Edgar, the hide and seek champion??

  6. yes. are you noticing a pattern here. i just change the disaster and the persons name. its writing by numbers. you drop the dictionary read the first word on the page and write a disaster round it. im a talentless hack. its all in my book.
    'how to write crap repetitive fiction and make shitloads.'

  7. Belladonna says:

    hold on, as family surely i should have been given a free autographed copy so i too could be making shitloads and securing my financial future? or were you planning to move without telling me again??

  8. you cant read remember?
    audio tape is out in the summer. patrick stewart is reading it.

  9. Belladonna says:

    you didn't need to tell everyone that. how would you like it if i told them about your avocado problem?

  10. no no dont. not the avocado problem. small foreign economies will crumble should the avocado report be leaked.

  11. navelgazer says:

    oooh, fascinating– another navarone orphan! one that made it out of the metal steam bin apparently.

  12. hey. we are crossing three time zones now.
    navelgazer meet my sister belladonna
    belladonna meet my friend navelgazer.
    why how doo you do?- why how doo you do?
    (watched my fair lady last night belladonna)

  13. navelgazer says:

    wello, belladonna-kin-of-navarone! how come you're not making witty posts of your own? if I add you to my neighborhood, and sit watching intently, will that make you produce more? I seem to be engaged in this strange cancerous neighborhood growth stage, and a bit more dark and bilious wit could only help.

  14. Belladonna says:

    I am afraid that in the Navarone gene pool, all the genius went to Paul. I was however given the stunning good looks and evil personality. I am but a poor shadow of his wit and creativity, and spend my life jealously watching his output, hoping against hope that one of these days I can perfect my gene sucking hoover and claim his genius for my own…oops, shouldn't have let him know that…

  15. Belladonna says:

    it's coming up for 2.40pm. in a cafe trying to upload photos to blog, very very slow process. am getting bored with it and may just head for a cuppa. x ps was only joking about gene sucking hoover, of course i am happy to be known only as the sister of Navarone, and promote your genius whenever and wherever possible.

  16. i need to go get keys off kenneth anyhoo. he goes to new york tomorro and i have to feed the cats.
    everyone knows genius must be mashed out with a potato masher, not sucked out. thats where u been goin wrong.

  17. Belladonna says:

    Arse. Will need to revise blueprint then. Possibly something with a rotary action will be of more use than a hoover. have also just noticed that my profile says i'm in the states, how peculiar!

  18. navelgazer says:

    sucks having brilliant siblings. but mine are all being steadily beaten down by own offspring, so I can only sit and laugh and laugh and laugh.

  19. as is everything on the BoN.

  20. Ishtar says:

    and on a clear day many claimed they could see Ireland, America and sometimes Japan from the upper floorsMy favorite line.

  21. thank you. too much! too much!. foxy haircut btw.

  22. yes. its true. must have been very high. makes me feel queasy thinking about it.

    loving your blog just now ishtar. just perfect.

  23. Ishtar says:

    thank you 🙂 and I'd love to have the tele-vision of a tree house dweller: with the help of a little binocular I'm sure I can see my parents in China and wave to them.

  24. mmm. waving to far-off people and airplanes would become a full time job when up so high. along with throwing paper airplanes off and flying kites.

  25. Ishtar says:

    shooting darts also?

  26. indeed.
    and dribbling on unsuspecting people below…

  27. Ishtar says:

    yes, I was just thinking about that one. i'm glad I got permission. people who deal with global climate change now have a new factor to consider, global dribble… there are the poles, then there is the fair city of glasgow and its pensioners in the tree.

  28. Ishtar says:

    I thought you should know that this is really happening.

  29. my oh my oh my!
    thats big. he's just showing off. nobody likes a show -off.
    you'll just get lots of gnarly teenagers with parachutes jumping off the top.
    i forget what they call it. its not freebasing. thats heroin but its like that. ooof. my brain wont work.

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