normal blogging.

today i got up at eleven. i had toast and fried eggs. it was only the backers from the loaf, thats all that was left so they had trouble fitting in the toaster. one egg burst while i was frying it. then i went out. i met my cousin and his girlfriend, he has a hangover from a concert. i wandered into town. i bought 4 films. harvey starring james stewart £3. hidden starring daniel autiel £6. read my lips starring  £6. and buffalo 66 starring vincent gallo £5. tried to buy some jimmy durante. none there. then i met my dads friend willie. then i went to jazz. i try to go every saturday. it is a big band called harry margolis's glenn miller band. theyre very good. its in a basement bar full of old people. across the street is a bar that has more new orleans style jazz. its not as good. then i came home. i have garlic bread in the oven and theres some prawns left over. its 4:38.

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7 Responses to normal blogging.

  1. SweetMisery says:

    nice typical day. I love jazz

  2. I love the scene in Buffalo 66 where Christina Ricci tap dances in the bowling alley.

  3. You know, I play this game in my head called What's Paul Doing Today? I think it's because he doesn't post every day and I am totally enchanted by Scotland so I imagine Paul rowing out to the Hebrides in gale force winds, and also out having secret rendezvous with Nessy at Loch Ness when no one's looking, other times I see him on the dark streets of Oban late at night lurking in alleys up to something almost nefarious, but not quite, or playing mini golf in lime green checkered pants, an argyle sweater vest and a golf cap with a pom pom on top.I don't see him making his own eggs, I see the Widow Klaussman leaving stale bread heels just out of reach of the metal steam bin.

  4. me too. i luv it! so relaxing. if it didnt shut i would never leave,.

  5. shes a fox. what an angry and funny film.

  6. nope. its all much duller than that at this end. life from inside the metal steam bin is lonely but character building.

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