from now on you’re all on navarone time

okay, this isnt working out. the whole time-zone thing. by the time im in my bed your all posting like crazy and having long conversations about your horrid little lifes and im missing it. by the time i check it the next day the talk has dried up and youve all moved on to other things. so from now on your time zones will all need to revolve around whatever time im in. i know it might be difficult at first but i think you'll agree its the best thing to do. sure, you might now find you're getting up in the middle of the night and you're eating your dinner at 9 in the morning but sacrifices have to be made.

so were all on navarone time now. none of that +6hrs pish or -8hrs shite. its now galactically 6.57pm. now eat your dinner

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24 Responses to from now on you’re all on navarone time

  1. Yeah. I had the time zone problem with the Haggis Hunt. All of the cameras are dark when I am hunting…. OOh, only 2 days left…
    Don't you know a real fan of Paul would reopen any post for discussion if he wanted to get in on it? Tsk, tsk.

  2. Totally! In the dark EVERYTHING looks like a haggis!And, thanks Paul. Time zones! Sheer genius! That explains why you appear to be from the future. Your post says "Jan 24, 2008 at 6:57 PM" and it's only 1pm here. So, Navarrone is NOT in the future???

  3. SweetMisery says:

    Yes you can jump in any ole time. Even when we are snug in our winter beds. So it is lunch time now. giggle

  4. Here's a tip, even when it's dark if you see a cam with a green screen over it, there's probably a Haggis there. I just saw 2 one at the Distillery and another at Loch Ness. But I really have to stop playing because I'll be bummed if I win the big prize and can't afford the airfare.
    I've often wondered if I have seen the Widow Klaussman pass by on the Buchanan Street Cam, or Paul for that matter. I was going to ask him to go stand in front of one of them and wave to us.

  5. And I swear the Haggisclopedia could have been written by Paul, because it's hysterical.

  6. AmyH says:

    I just found a Haggis! In the middle of the night, even. Oh, what great fun that was! Thanks for giving me another reason to be obsessed over internet diversions.
    I thought the Blog of Navarrone was already omnipresent, so it is all time zones at once. Could Paul possibly be mortal like the rest of us?
    *gasps from disbelief*

  7. Last chance!"The mating season starts on 25 January, a date after which it is illegal to hunt the haggis."I need to read all the sections. I just jumped around.

  8. "By perverse coincidence, the sound the haggis is most sensitive to is that of plaid rubbing on underpants. No-one knows why this should be, perhaps this almost undetectable noise mimics exactly the sound of a golden eagle plummeting towards its target. Whatever the reason, the aim of a haggis hunter who sports underwear will never be true. Hence, the tradition that “true Scots” wear nothing under their kilt."
    Yes, I really enjoy that site.

    And Where's Paul? Here we all are his fan club, and he's out havering without us…

  9. "plaid rubbing on underpants"I am totally working THAT into a sentence today! Shhhh… I think Paul is having his apres dinner bap.

  10. dewitte says:

    I have been contemplating asking you the winning lottery numbers for some time, but it all makes sense now. Does that mean I can go home when you go home and therefore, leave work shortly after arriving? I like that idea.

  11. no wonder your economy is circling the drain! you are all at work on the internet instead of working!!!!.
    shame on you all!
    i am writing an email to all your supervisors. start packing up your desk.
    i am writing a shame list:
    this concludes the list of shame.
    anyone with a valid excuse for slacking can be removed from the list.

  12. *packs up desk*
    Thanks, my husband has been after getting me to clean that sucker off for a while now.
    I'm always on Navarone time, it's not my fault no one has interesting conversations on my blog. Um, well…

  13. It's my job to slack. Seriously. I sit at the front desk and need to not be doing anything that takes me away so I can answer the phone within 2 rings and greet any visitors who may wander in. But I want to stay on the list 'cause my name's first.

  14. nope not good enough.(nice try grumblebunny) im docking you all an imaginary hours pay.
    L.O.M. you're getting an hours bonus imaginary pay because you're the only one that packed your desk and you werent even on the list!
    by the way its 10pm navarone time so you should all be thinking about going to sleep about now.

  15. here is your bedtime story….
    once upon a time there was a little snail called mr slimey. he squished and splatted his way along the pavement. he got cold and tired and went into his shell. the end.
    now all go to sleep.

  16. seriously, go to sleep. you've all got to get up in 8hrs to go to work.

  17. *sneaks out of bed and asks for a glass of water*

  18. Belladonna says:

    Wait, I´m confused. Is it permanently galactically 6.57pm? Or am I just caught in some weird time warp?

  19. navelgazer says:

    wake up! I want to play! wake up wake up wake up! <jumping on paul's bed>

  20. How much imaginary pay do I get for an hour?
    I imagine a bazillion bazillion bazigaziamazillion dollars and hour, since the money is imaginary.

  21. yep. iv seen your clothes. your definately caught in a time warp sis. this is 2008. the eighties are long gone! move on.
    we're all wearing silver foil now.

  22. geh?! wha? hu? where am i? i'm putting a lock on that door.

  23. whoah! whoah! watch what you imagine!
    you'll bankrupt the imaginary business.
    im gonna have to sack my troop of flying monkeys now and try and pawn my john travolta/olivia newton john memorabilia.

  24. Well, I tell ya what. I'll just take the Olivia Newton John memorabilia off of your hands in lieu of my imagined earnings. You can keep Travolta. In case of memorabilia in which they are somehow joined (including that kinky little number you hide behind the headboard), a power saw should do the trick. Don't go losing me any Olivia though…. John can do without any .. ahem.. "conjoined" bits.

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