you are entering the city of Melancholia. population 302.

a mother bird returns to its nest with dry bugs between its beak. the infant lies dead below the withered tree having fallen from the nest. across the street a magpie calls for its mate who lies crushed dead upon the busy road, a mess of black and white and red. beside the shop an old woman struggles with her shopping in the cold wind. it is at this moment something inside her changes, she stops living and begins the process of dying. in only a few weeks she will pass away in her worn and weathered armchair. a black swan lies straining for breath by the pond. poisoned by something or someone. now resigned to death. a young boy scratches his name into the oak tree by the telephone box. the other trees look on. silently screaming in abject horror. a lonely nominalist waits at the large clock for 50 minutes before reality sets in and he retreats. alone and crushed. a squirrel forages desperately for sustainance in a nutless park. the empty tennis courts decay. the nets are vandalised and broken. an ice cream van playing out of tune wagner skids and mounts the pavement crushing to death a troop of twelve girl guides. across the street the only gravedigger has a stroke and dies. the guides will not be buried but will be left to rot on the pavement. a mangled mess of ice cream, merit badges and young teeth

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4 Responses to you are entering the city of Melancholia. population 302.

  1. navelgazer says:

    youA. realize you have a rusty nail in your pocket and stab yourself in the left iris with it, orB. discover an abandoned jumprope and hang yourself from a tree in the nutless park.

  2. [this is so f*cking good]"nutless park" indeed!

  3. Jamie says:

    Well, I certainly don't plan to stay long!

  4. crushing to death a troop of twelve girl guides.
    I read that as: A "Death Troop" of 12 girl guides… I was thinking I'd better get out of their way…

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