buy buy buy.

out of the last 12 advertisements on my blog…..

7 are for walking sticks…(including funky/crook/derby/folding/ladies and gents)

2 are for glue guns…

1 is for blog adverts…

1 is for rubber furniture feet?….

and 1 is for navarone bungalows.

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2 Responses to buy buy buy.

  1. navarone bungalows
    too bad they got the country wrong… I always thought Navarone was in Paulrovia, not Greece?

  2. dewitte says:

    I hope you didn't go into your settings and turn on the "Give me money for every ad-link on my page" That's a scam. If you read the fine print on the back of the web page, it says "Note – getting money from the ads enrolls you in our customer support system and you too can help us take calls from disgruntled buyers."I speak from experience – it isn't worth it. Old people who have faulty walking sticks are very rude when they call.

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