the interests and pleasures of life for all indoors and out.



the game of stickerchief

a splendid game that can be played by any number of children is stickerchief. it is quite as exciting as hockey or lawn tennis and it has the advantage of not requiring expensive balls, racquets or sticks. stickerchief is played with a handkerchief and some short pieces of cane, of the sort used by gardeners to hold up tall flowers, or old cane walking sticks. on the end of the cane is tied a sharp pointy knife, if no knife can be found a shard of broken glass will sometimes suffice.

the game can be played on a firm sandy beach or on a lawn of any size.

make two goals, one at each end of the lawn formed by flower sticks stuck into the grass about four feet apart. the aim of the game is to start at opposite ends with the hankerchief in the middle of the lawn. when the game starts the players have to run at each other and try and stab at the hankerchief on the grass so as to catch it on their stick! once on the stick the player has to run through the goals with it. the opposing player will have wonderful fun thrashing at the other players stick to try and get it off. sometimes a player will be close to scoring a goal in stickerchief and the wind will catch the hankerchief and blow it off the stick! or the opposing player will snatch the hankerchief clean off the players stick! or the hankerchief will fall off on its own just as you are about to cross the line! or the player will drop dead through blood loss and exhaustion!

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3 Responses to the interests and pleasures of life for all indoors and out.

  1. Are there teams? Because if there are teams, I want to be on the one called the Sticky Wicket Stickerchief team.

  2. done. i've contacted the Scottish Stickerchief League Association and registered your team name, team captain grumblebunny.

  3. Oh, I don't know that I want to be a Captain, I just want to be on the Sticky Wickets.

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