a tricky gymnastic exercise

no elaborate exercise is needed in order to practise some useful gymnastic feats at home, and here is one which is worth learning, not only because it is a good physical exercise, but also because it is a splendid trick to show to friends, and to get them to try.

take in the hands a fairly stout stick, about 18 inches long, as shown in the picture. this may be the straight branch of a tree or perhaps a solid lead pipe. standing in the position given, with arms rigid and extended, keep both feet together, and then try to jump over the stick through the loop formed by it and the two arms. it is not easy to do at first so if you can do it on the first go you are an expert. practice on a patch of concrete or a slabbed patio area. many players find it helpful to stick their tongue between their teeth when they do it to help them concentrate or perhaps to stick their upper jaw out far over their lower jaw as if to bite their chin.

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7 Responses to a tricky gymnastic exercise

  1. SweetMisery says:

    looks like a trip to the ER to me. lol

  2. ah! the bright lights and sounds of the emergency ward. remember to take a small bag to hold your broken bits of teeth sweetmisery and a large bandage to hold your jaw to your skull

  3. dewitte says:

    This is DeWitte's Doctor. He asked me to type this to you. He is right here, but he is heavily medicated. Looking at your post, I'm not sure whether I am more amazed that you posted the exercise or that he was goofy enough to try it. I'm sure where you come from, people probably do this daily as they are getting out of bed but I've only seen this particular move at the Barnum and Bailey circus events. Still, I can't say that it is wrong, but I wish he had not tried to practice it so close to the pool. He said to tell you "thanks" and he is sure that he is only out of shape at this time.Best Regards,Dr. Geoffrey T. Spaulding

  4. Dear Dr. Spaulding.
    im afraid you've been had. as a fellow medical man ive been conned by mr DeWitte on several occasions. he often checks in with some sketchy ailment. but it is merely an attention seeking ruse. there is no doubt that man in that hospital bed there is as healthy as you or i. mr dewitte is notorius this side of the water. one week he is showing up with trenchfoot, the next week it is a double ear infection. my advice to you would be to give him two aspirin and promptly send him on his way. its no wonder our health system is in the state its in.
    your fellow colleague,
    Dr Navarone

  5. p.s. the T stands for Tiberius doesnt it?

  6. navelgazer says:

    I prefer to do this exercise with a razor blade between my teeth.

  7. ooh! i have a wide smile from ear to ear after doing the same.

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