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foxy navarone playmate of the month for january

  a kaleidescope of the many hairstyles of olive. olivia newton lawn olivia newton frogspawn olivia newton fawn olivia newton cmon Olivia newton prawn olivia newton gone as agreed i hereby hand over all my olivia newton john memorabilia to … Continue reading

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finished it.

thats it. ive finished. at 612pm today i finished the internet. i exhausted it. ive now seen everything on the internet. nothing left. been there. done that. every page. every jpeg, every advert. finished. done.      compleeeted.   might as well … Continue reading

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from now on you’re all on navarone time

okay, this isnt working out. the whole time-zone thing. by the time im in my bed your all posting like crazy and having long conversations about your horrid little lifes and im missing it. by the time i check it … Continue reading

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glasgow village businesses having gone bust so far this year….23rd january

j.j. tannens paint company and industrial sealants. arnold and son watchmakers. hamish brown shoes the best little whorehouse in tollcross the ardentinny firewood and firelighters society est. 1983. baron bluejays burning school bus transport company. the crazy golf. radiation city tanning company burger … Continue reading

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the pyjama’d adventures of dense daniel

oh mother, mother. Oh do please read again the bit where the sick old woman dies in poverty! no daniel i have too much to do today. i must clean the kitchen, amuse yourself in the front room. mother! it is … Continue reading

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you are entering the city of Melancholia. population 302.

a mother bird returns to its nest with dry bugs between its beak. the infant lies dead below the withered tree having fallen from the nest. across the street a magpie calls for its mate who lies crushed dead upon … Continue reading

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The Calcified Steinway

a story about Albert, a story about Bernice, a story about love, a story about crime, a story about stomach problems, a story of cheap shop-bought crap, but most of all a story about giblets. lukewarm giblets. the neighbourhood of navarones … Continue reading

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