sure, we all like each other right now…..

your good stories, your nice photies, your little clippings, your jokes, your day to day stuff, but what about in 25 years time guys? when we're all old, cranky and tired and we've all come to loathe everyone in our neighbourhood. when you've come to abhor my piss-poor grammar, smart ass stories and poor placement of apostrophes'.

when the very quirk that attracted you to add a person to your neighbourhood now grates on your nerves like a long term spouse.

well….at the moment if you want to dump someone from your neighbourhood you just have to cut all contact immediately. its the only option given. but thats' just rude right?

wouldnt it be better if instead of optionally marking a person as neighbourfriend or family or friends and family you could go the other way and mark them as a bum, a clueless bum or even a talentless hapless moneygrabbing feckless bum. we could spend weeks namecalling, backbiting, forming hate gangs just like nursery school. we would post each others intimate secrets that we'd learned over 25 years of earnest listening. we would do crude doodles of each other on our blogs. in other words we would finish this relationship properly. not by just coldly dumping someone in a flash. c'mon vox sort it out.

heres to you guys. heres to our relationship degrading into childish slander sometime in the far far far far-off future!

you dirty jobby bums!

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26 Responses to sure, we all like each other right now…..

  1. Good idears! I had thought that I might like the option to "remove from your neighborhood with extreme prejudice." You know, just in case. (Actually the only person I've ever de-hooded on purpose is because I don't like to surprised by colorful va-jay-jay photos.) Best holiday wishes to Mrs. Klaussman, Kav, and the gang!

  2. best wishes to your gang too sixbucks! cant wait for some days off. forget the childrens books. you should be voting for more fridges in libraries. then in the summer you can keep the books in the fridge and you get to read a nice cold book. refreshing! put that on the agenda for next meeting.
    ive removed a coupla people from my neighbourhood. just cos i thought theyd left and i wanted to free up some space on the neighbours list page. still felt strangely guilty though.

  3. quirkster says:

    Here's a comforting thought, then.

  4. were you trying to put a link in quirkster? try again i dont think its worked.
    how exciting…i wonder where it will lead….we'll call that last comment a preview of an upcoming link….
    coming soon…….

  5. AmyH says:

    Tis the season for life introspection and inventory. Friends come and go, in and out of our lives, we are good to/for each other for a time and then we drift away.
    So to add to your list of reasons to delete people from the neighborhood, plus as you mentioned in your comment: Benign Neglect.

  6. quirkster says:

    link? of course not. The color of the text was the comforting thing.

  7. ah, brown coloured text. its so underrated and underused.
    woah! heat death!? nobody told me about this quirkster… suddenly there doesnt seem much point in going to work tomorrow, and washing. why bother. im just gonna sit here and wait for it…..
    for those who dont tend to get nightmares from late night scary reading here is a synopsis….
    The heat death is a possible final state of the universe, in which it has "run down" to a state of no thermodynamic free energy to sustain motion or life. In physical terms, it has reached maximum entropy.

  8. mmm. i'm going to start a band called Benign Neglect.

  9. Don't delete me, I'm your biggest fan (but don't tell 6$, because 6$ thinks 6$ is your biggest fan, like it's almost come to blows and stuff… 😉

  10. Jamie says:

    I can't believe you don't have a bigger neighborhood than you do (I just looked.) and we do have a Paul Fan Club….Started by none other that GB, herself. Go look, I'll wait. See? That was like reading your own eulogy, wasn't it.I only remove people if they've left Vox all together. I grew up Catholic and have had enough guilt to last a life time, thank you very much.

  11. Why worry about deleting people from your neighborhood when the universe will do it for you?
    How true. I am SO neighborhooding you,6$ (Paul's biggest fan AND a high ranking official in the Paulrovian cabinet) =D

  12. navelgazer says:

    oh no. I'm afraid I might be out-fanned. I didn't think it possible. I thought our love true & pure. but you're a damn pop icon. well, I'm in for the long haul, ya feckless teet.

  13. navelgazer says:

    p.s. as long as it takes until the grey goo gets us.

  14. gosh!. how exciting. you crazy kids. i feel like michael douglas in fatal attraction. you're all gonnae end up going fruitloop and i'll have to shoot yous in the chest and drown yous in the bath. que sera sera. my girlfriend anne archer's gonnae kick the shit out of me when she sees this.
    and to think my father kirk douglas said i wouldnt amount to anything.
    ooh. grey goo! thats a good un:
    Grey goo is a hypothetical end-of-the-world scenario involving molecular nanotechnology in which out-of-control self replicating robots consume all living matter on earth while building more of themselves (a scenario known as ecophagy).
    im learning new stuff all the time.
    so to summarise it looks like the world and our neighbourhood is gonnae end by
    1. heat death
    2. benign neglect
    3. grey goo

  15. navelgazer says:

    awwesome. just as long as I'm there with you at the end.

  16. navelgazer says:

    p.s. can I be in the band? I can… play the kazoo.

  17. you can play an instrument?! wow! sure you can join! you are the most talented person so far. looks like Benign Neglect is gonna have a kazoo-like sound then.

  18. AmyH says:

    I think Benign Neglect is a great name for a band. I play the sax. Count me in! I'll start looking for sax/kazoo duet music.

  19. wow! how good are we? we havent even written a song yet and we've already started a new genre.

  20. navelgazer says:

    and what are you going to do, our little paul? so curious…

  21. quirkster says:

    I think "kazoo-sax" is a better description than "sax-kazoo". Think of all the entendre possibilities.

  22. mmm. i cant play anything. i could probably join you on kazoo. do you play paper and comb over there or is that just a scottish thing?
    'kazoo-sax' it is! what do you play quirkster?. please god let it be an instrument. we're short on talent.

  23. navelgazer says:

    there's always the mouth harp (which has another un-PC name), but I would always twang my teeth with the darn thing when I tried to play it. also it would be nice to find a saw-player and a stumpf fiddler to really round out our sound. perhaps you could take up one of these. alternately, I for one would like to see you dance.

  24. AmyH says:

    You could play maracas. Maracas would be great. Or even castanets. Ole!

  25. gosh this is quickly sliding into some sort of talentless barnyard toolshed band. i was thinking world tours. a troop of roadies. a room full of gold discs. i may have to lower my expectations.
    i cant dance neither.

  26. ole!
    maracas i can handle! i just need to shake it. i think even i can handle that.
    we'll corner the 'kazoo-sax-maracas' market

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