a senseless waste

i know that hes not in pain any more, so that definitely helps. im not ashamed to say that i cried at the very end even though it was very quick and all over very fast. its still pretty hard of me to think of him without my eyes welling up. ive got so many emotions and so many angry questions.  did police chief brody (that no good skunk) really have to shoot him? couldnt the shark have been captured alive and put into prison for rehabilitation? if we could all have just sat down and talked then maybe this could have been avoided. we could have heard everybodys point of view. i havent left a film blubbering so much since that nice witch lady melted in wizard of oz, while that fink dorothy trots of back to kansas. what ever happened to a happy hollywood ending?

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4 Responses to a senseless waste

  1. dewitte says:

    …and your little dog too! I think the flying monkeys were in on the whole thing.

  2. exactly! you bless an animal by grafting parts of another animal onto them and how do they repay you? with treachery dewitte. with traitorous backstabbing dewitte. its a wet day when you can no longer trust your experimental hybrid henchmen and minions. there's just no honour in the 'evil nemesis' game any more. not like the good old days. ever since darth went nuts and threw the emperor down that well at the end of the star wars trilogy its been hard to get the staff to respect the chain of command.

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