glasgow man crowned hide and seek world champion


83 year old edgar mcglarkitt stunned the hide and seek fraternity last night by emerging from his hiding place after 73 years. carrying a long beard he emerged from a rubbish bin in queens park that had been his home for a lifetime. mcglarkitt was still wearing the school shorts and blazer that he disappeared in when he was ten. " i couldnt be sure if that bastard georgie mcfadden had stopped looking" said mcglarkitt " i was sure if i popped my head up out of the bin he'd see me, i figured i'd been there 8 minutes i might as well just stay 80 years."

edgar lived off of bugs who would crawl inside the bin. many would be covered in early morning dew. said edgar: "i would carefully lick the moisture off of the back of each one."

mcglarkitt emerged after overhearing passers-by referring to the funeral of georgie mcfadden in 1991. "thats just the kind of shit that bawbag mcfadden would try to pull to lure me out, so i waited another 16 years just to be safe."

mcglarkitts 102 year old mother said she was, "delighted to have her 'little cherub' back home and that she had kept her 'little peanuts' dinner warm in the oven. its so funny because i used that bin in the park in 1956 and i noticed there was a man in there but i didnt think anything of it."

edgar intends to go back to school to finish his studies where he will find himself alongside the great grandson of his old nemesis. glasgow city council are being asked why the bin in the park was never emptied in 73 years.

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13 Responses to glasgow man crowned hide and seek world champion

  1. I have the biggest crush on the blog of Navarone.

  2. I thought YOU were playing hide and seek… with us! Where you been??? I almost sent out an all points bulletin.

  3. jesus…you really should get paid for these.

  4. SweetMisery says:

    great little story. lol

  5. navelgazer says:

    damn. he's totally got me beat. but I'm way good at sardines.

  6. you crazy kids!
    $6 my heads been full of broken biscuits…i had nothin but rubbish to post.
    mrs klaussman says if you have nothing good to say, best to say nothing.
    VSCarnival! you're right! i should get paid for these…we should all get paid for these! wheres our money vox! i'm callin you out vox! wheres our money!
    gettin rich off all our calamities. you are an emotional bloodsucker vox! wheres our money?? sob…sob…

  7. quirkster says:

    BAhahaha! More! More! We'll keep shouting for encores until we've drained every last bit of your creative juices!

  8. AmyH says:

    You've been posted to [TIG] on the homepage! You may not get the fortune, but now you have the fame. Spend it wisely!

  9. b ë я ĸ says:

    creative [check]
    funny [check]

  10. I enjoyed this, very creative

  11. Brown Suga' says:

    [found this on TIG]
    LOL! This is fantastic!!!

  12. So funny! I enjoyed it immensely.

  13. SweetThing says:

    Oh wow. This is creepy and funny at the same time. But, this guy just missed most of his life.

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