the bookshop of navarone. {the kissing shop}

the bookshelf height is just below average eye height so as to allow for stolen glances across the room. the heating is slightly too high causing females to flush red and males to loosen their collars and ties. the aisles are just too close together for comfortable passing. the overhead lighting is very flattering, ceiling fans slowly turn overhead. actors are paid to inhabit the corners of the space for atmosphere, a lithe bespectacled bookworm with red shoes lies on the floor reading french language lessons, a slightly crumpled athletic gent with a fedora smokes in the leather armchair whilst reading hemingway.

the female assistant goes through a prepared list of cliched actions to perform.

1. she ties her hair up and uses a pencil to hold it in place. she fixes her glasses

2. she climbs a ladder at a high bookshelf and replaces books. sticking one leg out behind her in a dainty pose.

3. she puts on lipstick at the front desk. pursing her lips whilst looking in a small hand mirror.

4. she gets her heel stuck in the floor grate near the upper floor radiator.

5. she pulls a trolley loaded with books. some fall off and she picks them up.

6. she reads excerpts from florid french poems whilst her foot nonchalantly swings her shoe under the desk.

a tape plays quietly through the radio at the front desk, it has piano music, acoustic guitar and some edith piaf. the air is filled with the faint scent of perfume, coffee and books {scent no.35541a} which pumps from the air conditioners located over by the coatstand.

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5 Responses to the bookshop of navarone. {the kissing shop}

  1. navelgazer says:

    very sexy bookstore/library.

  2. Jamie says:

    Yeah, that would never work here. They won't let you smoke indoors. I like the idea of hiring actors to make your place look better. The people in our book store aren't usually very attractive. I love the smell of books.

  3. dewitte says:

    Oh, I was SO close – I thought it was scent no. 35543a. I'll have to have my olfactory nerves checked out.

  4. Ishtar says:

    I'm not an actor in the most strict sense, but would like to apply for the position of a corner inhabiter. I enhance atmosphere very much.

  5. you're hired!
    you are now corner inhabitor no.3
    and you shall inhabit the 'corner by the potted plant'
    please show up tomorrow with your props….
    4 expensive shopping bags, bright green shoes and a viola.
    lunch is from 1 till 2. with a 15 minute break at 10 and 4oclock.
    thank you and congratulations.

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