the orphanic revenge agency and mrs klaussman

madame klaussmans orphanic agency for revenge and embezzlement is based in goosedubbs lane in glasgow city centre.
it is there. look again. watch out for the puddles and the broken gutters. the rain pours from the eaves.
the agency always consists of 33 children and madame klaussman. when an orphan reaches the age of 16 they are replaced and dispatched to another world city and funded to establish an agency foothold there. they then employ their own 33 gifted orphans. slowly a worlwide hub has developed. with each passing decade the criminal mesh becomes finer and finer.

the year is 1910
this is a list of current k.o.a.r.e. members.
1. the psychic hispanic. age 9
2. parsamann gree. pain specialist. age 12
3. fiona jones. pyromaniac. age 8
4. albert shanklin. poisons. age 14
5. charlotte chalkman. contortionist. age 6
6. careless chee. pickpocket. age 9
7. the grey flint. age 9
8. paddy ferrin. animal handler. age 13
9. thomas murgatroyd mcquad. knifeman. age 7
10. francis brown. forger and tailor. age 15
11. lloyd burkmann. smithy. age 15
12. theresa mcallister. pain specialist. age 13
13. flora mcallister. pain specialist. age 13
14. henry mcdee. locksmith. age 7
15. fergus mcgurk. birdman. age 11
16. morag 'steaknife' mcdade. interrogation. age 15
17. finchy twobags. chemicals. age 7
18. seegs. pickpocket. age 9
19. karl. amputations. age 10
20. johns macafee. work librarian. age 13
21. kelly modrunn. work accounts. age 9
22. vincenzo fardazzi. graverobber. age 11
23. catherine rosenberg. medium. age 8
24. molly tromm. clairvoyant. age 10
25. lichen carsavo. absorber. age 11
26. sally 'the cheeks' morton. samaritan. age 14
27. mona kittfer. botanics. age 7
28. clydesider liam. leechman. age 6
29. carson macauley. telekinite. age 11
30. samuel sams. animal telepath. age 8
31. banrun biggs. poetaster. age 7
32. mouse-tash. alleyman,runner and cartographer. age 6
33. the linchpin. age 8

know you what it is to be a child? it is to be something very different from the man of today. it is to have a spirit yet streaming from the waters of vengeance; it is to believe in greed, to believe in loneliness, to believe in self preservation.
                                                                     madame klaussman.


Vincenzo and mona---graverobber and botanistKarl---amputationsClydesider liam---leechmanCarson macauley---telekenite

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11 Responses to the orphanic revenge agency and mrs klaussman

  1. SweetMisery says:

    Very loving drawings. Incredible alias names for the children. Is this a book?

  2. I have such a crush on The Blog of Navarone that I became so extremely jumpy and excitable when I thought a post may be forthcoming that I nearly peed myself because I was so overcome and agitated with expectation and anticipation of the post that would accompany those pictures I saw you posted a little while ago. Well, I exagerate the peeing on myself – at the very least, I do certainly get all out of sorts.

  3. Jamie says:

    Man, those are some talented little kids! I could use a couple of them myself. Especially the tailor and the pickpockets, they'd come in real handy.

  4. navelgazer says:

    dood. you totally ARE working on a book. for serious. possibly even a broadway play a la sweeney todd.

  5. yes! tis a book sweetmisery. its very old and dusty and has gold lettering on the front. its called 'the klaussman overview' by professor franz heinrich III. and i have the only copy in the world.

  6. ooh! if u had you would join a long list of celebritys who have peed with mortal fear or excitement at the utterings of the b. of navarone. be very careful about having a crush on the blog of navarone, no sooner has it won you over with smart comments and its full attention than it has spurned you and stolen your credit cards.
    never turn your back on the blog of navarone grumblebunny, the blog of navarone is a fickle thing.

  7. SweetMisery says:

    Book. I have such a love for books. Even If I haven't ready it. yet. Hmmmmmmmmm

  8. mmm. hope your dog shows up soon manon-it-all. i know what thats like. fingers crossed.

  9. exactly jamie! we all need good clothes and a little extra income. is that wrong? child labour is the way ahead.
    no wait. that is wrong. dang!

  10. a broadway show navelgazer!. i liked the sound of that so much i've started casting straight away for 'klaussman the musical'
    but who to play klaussman? so difficult. tallulah bankhead maybe? bette davis? what a quandry. next!

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