mind pumpic tune trumping. project#3441b

glasgow government director angus maffit revealed last week that one of the experimental projects initiated largely in response to alleged soviet, chinese, and north korean mind control techniques was project beagle-bluefruit(established 1981).

when you have a tune stuck in your head there is a tune you can use to wipe over that tune. but be careful. it should only be used in extreme circumstances as this top trumping tune can itself become lodged in the brain. the tune is 'we built this city' by starship. i didnt say it was a good tune. its just that it can be used to dump out whatever tune is stuck in your head. try it next time you wake up repeating something shit over and over again and cant stand it any more.

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One Response to mind pumpic tune trumping. project#3441b

  1. Jamie says:

    That sounds like a great idea! I always try to pass the tune on to someone else so that it gets stuck in their head instead but a machine with that kind of power would save the whole world a ton of grief.

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