special offer from the blog of navarone.

subscribe now! for 50 years and receive this collectable charming gift free -at absolutely no charge*- while stocks last.


the navarone bendable washable telescope will bring you hours of exciting scientific fun, childish adventure or give you the advantage at your workplace which you've been looking for. this foreign made wonder is fully guarenteed for 1 week and includes a worldly wordy scientific pamphlet and charming wooden stand for pride of place when not in use. perhaps on a favorite sideboard or kitchen worktop. available while stocks last.


*not true. cost is £133

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6 Responses to special offer from the blog of navarone.

  1. SweetMisery says:

    Very clever. You could even blow air into your cube mates. lol

  2. By washable, do you mean dishwasher-safe? Do you accept checks, money orders, or Paulrovian currency?

  3. indeed sweetmisery. an air blowing version! thats what we need.
    we could use someone like you in our 'new products' section
    just name your price, my people shall dispatch the required forms. welcome to the company of navarone.

    sixbucks. im afraid we checked your credit score on the computer. you're gonna have to pay cold hard cash. none of those worthless paulrovian notes neither. we want the ones with $franklin or $teddy on or whatever. does reagan have a note? oh what the hell. its just an old bit of hosepipe with glass in the end. you can have one for free.

  4. Ishtar says:

    Charming indeed! Is the man-head also included? I want to buy his expression when interacting with the foreign made wonder.

  5. hello ishtar! you're back! yes you can have that mans head… on a plate. with chips. i cant read his expression. somewhere between pensive and pleased.

  6. Ishtar says:

    Yes, I came back for the irresistible offer. Bring it on! I hope he's done.

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