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residents are asked to check their outhouses and cellars etc….

  lost cat- burglar retired senile cat burglar Henry Cranford aka 'the cat' has wandered off from his old folks home. "its not the first time hes ran off." says care assistant Jemma Flunt. " i think someone else might … Continue reading

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here to help…..

Ever struggled with simple tasks you should really know how to do by now? Our simple instructional leaflets fill you in without having to ask someone who’ll ridicule your backwardness for their own cruel glee. Subjects include: how to tie … Continue reading

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the orphanic revenge agency and mrs klaussman

madame klaussmans orphanic agency for revenge and embezzlement is based in goosedubbs lane in glasgow city centre. it is there. look again. watch out for the puddles and the broken gutters. the rain pours from the eaves.the agency always consists … Continue reading

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egypt 1989.

The valley of the kings ’89 paul is 12 Paul an ice cream and mrs klaussman awake the giant mummy kragora-kain Read and post comments | Send to a friend

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extracted information from the klaussman overview

Significant dates in the life of Mrs Klaussman   1311    6th June Birth of Gunhilda Volgenschtadt in Ober________<text omitted>, Germany   1318    Parish priest of Ober_______<text omitted>  records reports of the ‘frange fightingf of unholy beafts’ in the surrounding forests.  … Continue reading

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mind pumpic tune trumping. project#3441b

glasgow government director angus maffit revealed last week that one of the experimental projects initiated largely in response to alleged soviet, chinese, and north korean mind control techniques was project beagle-bluefruit(established 1981). when you have a tune stuck in your head … Continue reading

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special offer from the blog of navarone.

subscribe now! for 50 years and receive this collectable charming gift free -at absolutely no charge*- while stocks last.   Endalke ahale elecope the navarone bendable washable telescope will bring you hours of exciting scientific fun, childish adventure or give … Continue reading

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