the wooden man

im not sure if he was wood on the inside. it was very hard to tell what was at the core. but all that was visible from the outside was wood. he had a coat made of wood. trousers made of wood. teeth. wood. he never talked. the only sound he would make was when the sun warmed him in the morning causing him to creak. and when he cooled in the evening. we would wander around. everytime we came across some wood i would hammer it onto him, a broken fence, a birdhouse. soon he grew very large, and he would reclaim broken barns and water towers and felled trees. his forearms were the roofs of broken barns and when it rained he would hold one out above me while we walked so as to keep me dry. as the length of his gait increased i thought it would become harder to keep up with him but as his size increased so did the weight of his body and his speed slowed. soon he became so large that he seemed to stop entirely and became part of the landscape. birds began to settle in the branches of his hair taking pencils to make their nests. small streams formed between his toes with little fish and crustaceans in. he would eat cows as if they were a dainty snack and use huge pine trees to pick meat from between the gaps in his teeth.

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