some visual stimulation…..

i keep lots of pictures of stuff ive seen about the internet. always right clicking and copying, in fact some of this stuff may be yours. hope thats ok…..iv long since forgotten where most of its come from and who its by…so sorry no acknowledgments or links….i'll keep this up for about a week and then delete it.










Byefornow_2CagepcChilDan funderburgh 2Dennis11a







I hate uImage189Image_1_0Kaoshi%27s%20Hand%201KindheartsLast supper






PosterACNewmanProdmag_walltextmagnetProdmag_walltextplaquesSent in midOctoberWhen you open it It's a little premature, but Happy ChristmasShovel

SottacquagrandeSwitcheroo_r19_c1TangoTanssitossut for dancingTennents glasgow

Whubbs-untitled7[1]Wishingfish1_1920_44128328Witch%20luluWow. nice bed

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2 Responses to some visual stimulation…..

  1. Jamie says:

    those are awesome. very visually stimulating, indeed.

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