horoscopes next week. -mrs klaussman poorly.

mrs klaussman is ill just now. she says she will give the horoscopes next week. i went over and visited her. gave her chicken soup. she has recorded all my past lives and written them down for me. the first one does not bode well. the first one that she gave is for a guy that worked in a fire station in greenock in the early 1900's his name was Ewan Glass. the fire station is a restaurant now. the new fire station is across the road. she says they would have to build a new fire station because the new trucks dont fit through the large fire doors in the old buildings. they were designed for the width of a horsedrawn firetruck and not for the lorries of course. she says that when the alarm would go off a clever contraption would lower the harnesses onto the horses and attach the wagon for them to pull. another would open the doors automatically. i found this fascinating. i tend to imagine mechanics being a modern thing. when i asked if i died fighting fires she said i wasnt a firefighter, nor was i the guy who maintained the harnessing machine. she said when the alarm went off the horses would get so excited and scared because they knew they were going to the fires, she said they would always piss and shit themselves with this excitement and that it was Ewans job (and therefore mine) to clean it up. nice. nice.

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3 Responses to horoscopes next week. -mrs klaussman poorly.

  1. Lauri says:

    Um. Well, somebody had to do it, and I am sure you did a fine job of it, Ewan.

  2. navelgazer says:

    I'm rather concerned for mrs. klaussman's health. chicken soup you say?

  3. Jamie says:

    I hope Mrs. Klaussman recovers, her horoscope predictions are vital to the decisions I make each month.

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