their house is better

so i have taken to living in my next door neighbours house. it started off by accident. they dropped their keys in the close. so i copied them and now each day, when i hear them leave for their work, i go in. in my slippers and dressing gown. half asleep. their bed is usually still warm so i catch another couple of hours sleep in there. then i have a shower. they've got a great shower. it really hits you hard. i feed the fish, water the plants, mope around. read the mail, read the paper. about 2 o clock i clean up. regluing the envelopes back together. ironing the newspaper. hoover the toast crumbs up. by 4 i lock up and return home. i'll need to fix that leaky tap in the bathroom.

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5 Responses to their house is better

  1. navelgazer says:

    I've seen this movie.

  2. that movie was based on me.
    other movies based on me include…..
    the left hand of god (bogart plays me)
    the apartment (lemmon plays me)
    chinatown (nicholson plays me)
    and 9 to 5 (parton plays me)

  3. navelgazer says:

    I knew dolly seemed familiar…

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