for your information and for your peace of mind…….

The blog of navarone is a blog which a man may take home with him. He may leave it on his library table safe in the knowledge that it does not contain one line of matter either in the text or the advertisements which would be offensive. The publisher of the blog of navarone guards this reputation of his blog jealously. It is entertaining and it is clean.


Disclaimer: the blog of navarone makes every effort to ensure that no weasels, con men, drunkards, swindlers and fraudsters advertise within the blog. However readers must be aware that any advertisement asking for a monetary down payment or investment in time should be distrusted wholeheartedly. However we are well aware that our readership are mostly well off inheritors and oilmen. However the b.o.n. would advise caution nonetheless. However it’s up to you. all advertisers have thus far been investigated as being genuine. The tone of all adverts and articles is not the responsibility of the b.o.n. and any offence taken is the readers responsibility. The b.o.n. has no direct control over emotional response.

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4 Responses to for your information and for your peace of mind…….

  1. dewitte says:

    Thank you, kind sir, for your annual (?) disclaimer. I'm glad there are no drunkards about (but if there are, please visit my Amazon store – I'm having a two for one wine sale!)

  2. the preceding advertisement by the 'dewitte wine shack' was found by the blog of navarone to be neither offensive nor fraudulent and visitors to this site may therefore read it without worry or fear that it may upset them in any fashion whatsoever.
    the censors of navarone

  3. Ish jush wanned to shay … uh… Ise wanned to shay…
    *Looks puzzled and wanders off, drooling slightly and fondling large inheritance.*

  4. cripes! tis a drunkard on the very pages of the blog of navarone!
    i'll lose my licence for sure. brought down by a slick wine magnate and a rich alchoholic. curses.
    my blogs reputation crumbles before me. boo hoo.

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