hey sixbucks!




saw this. thought of you. no other donkey related pics at the link.  

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5 Responses to hey sixbucks!

  1. BWA ha ha ha HA! You cannot imagine the joy you have brought to my day! The lowly beast of burden gets a soldier ride… sounds about right to me! =D(Is that a photo of the Paulrovian cavalry, perchance? )

  2. dewitte says:

    Oh, how nice of him! They must trade off every so often just to be fair.

  3. navelgazer says:

    aw man. now I want a baby donkey. curse you!

  4. i think it must be a scene from upcoming speilberg film, saving private donkey

  5. That makes more sense than risking all those lives to save Matt Damon.I saw Shaving Private Donkey in the back room of the video store but did not rent it. I'm not THAT open-minded!

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