sunday nights are shit

well. well. friday seems so far away. the FEAR has set in now. work tomorrow. theres a spider just outside my window. hes been working all weekend. it seems that while humans mostly seperate their work time from their rest time, spiders lead a more seamless existence and appear to work the weekends. hes a big bastard this spider. im on the top floor and he made a confident snatch for an old lady that was shuffling on the street below.shes now stuck in the web knocking her cane against the window trying to catch my attention. im just ignoring her. the last thing i need at this time on sunday night is an event. its going to take him a long time to suck the blood out of that old dear. i dont want to go to work tomorrow.

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7 Responses to sunday nights are shit

  1. martin says:

    Wow. I think I will avoid your neighborhood 🙂

  2. Jamie says:

    That's a hell of a spider! What do you do anyway?

  3. if it came near you could just give it a smack with your banjo martin. i had to google red river gorge. very nice. if i stayed there i would avoid this neighbourhood as well.

  4. you should see the flies. im a signwriter and engraver jamie.

  5. martin says:

    I think its mandatory to play banjo to live in Kentucky.
    Love the Gorge, I go hiking a lot here.
    I am trying my hand at horoscope writing 🙂

  6. navelgazer says:

    hey, I thought those giant spiders were only in texas. that's quite a ways for a longhorn arachnid to travel. just for one old lady…

  7. dewitte says:

    Hopefully she was on her meds and he'll quickly find himself drifting off for a restful and well deserved sleep.

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