glasgow reopens wishing-wells. city rejoices.

after a ten-year ban glasgow has reopened its wishing wells and fountains. the city has put in place several clauses so as to allow for safe wishing.  too many kids were wishing for machine guns and grenades. the straw that broke the camels back was that eejit that wished for 'godzilla'. i mean thats just silly. instead of just wishing for him to go away somebody wishes for 'mothra' thinking he can get rid of 'godzilla'. pretty soon theres 38 giants stomping round glasgow. there was the marshmallow man, the michelin man, the jolly green giant, king kong, andre the giant and somebody wished up a giant squid that died in the first minute cos it was out of water. you cant just wish away that dead fish smell neither. that baby stunk out the whole city. and all the time that jolly green giants laughing his big green ass off.  

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6 Responses to glasgow reopens wishing-wells. city rejoices.

  1. navelgazer says:

    did you fire niblets at him?

  2. giant niblets sneezer. niblets the size of yellow tombstones.

  3. Belladonna says:

    What's happened to the giant dead squid?? Is it festering on the banks of the Clyde surrounded by geeky, spotty scientists chain-sawing bits off for 'research purposes'??? Or has there been a rise in calamari suppers in Glasgow chippies this week?

  4. mmm. calamari suppers…..good thinkin.
    the marshmallow man scooped out the innards and wears the squid like a ballaclava tieing it under his chin with the tentacles. squid hats are all the rage this season belladonna. they're a must!
    the squids ink was used to fill all of glasgows black and white printers. now all the newly printed stationary smells of squid.
    the suckers were attached to tree trunks to make plungers for giant toilets.

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