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  1. Jamie says:

    Well, I like melon but prefer it without the bee's. Where do you find
    this stuff? It looks like the books I had when I was a baby. Did they
    have Dick and Jane in Glasgow?

  2. iv got them from a russian schoolbook. see next post. believe it or not, wasps and watermelons is one of the less weird things in the book.
    i know who dick and jane are,but we didnt have them, we had the british equivelant-janet and john. they would have endless boring adventures
    janet and john at the zoo
    janet and john at the park
    janet and john at the train station
    the highlight of each book would be john dropping his ice-cream or johns shoelace coming undone. a real emotional rollercoaster of a series.

  3. The Manual… oh shit! Where's the Manual? How can I study my Paulrovian civics without the MANUAL!?!?! Screwed… I'm totally screwed…

  4. you of all people shouldn't lose a book. what if this got out at the library?hmm? you'd be shunned!
    the penalty is normally death but i cant execute the only citizen or government member can i?
    i hereby fine you 5 paulrovian dollars for the loss of the book. finally you librarians get a taste of your own medicine.

    p.s. thats one hell of a monkey related audio collection you're building over there. surely the most comprehensive on the internet.

  5. Respectfully, I left the Paulrovian Manual safely on YOUR blog, sir. I think my fine should be waived and I should be appointed State Librarian in addition to my other administrative duties. I mean, do you see stuff disappearing from me own blog?And in other news, we have dollars???

  6. oops. thats right!. my sincere and humblest apologies no.1
    i deleted it. lest it fall into the hands of revolutionaries.(and it looked a bit rubbishy)
    i hereby pronounce you First Minister of Donkeys (and Books and Music), and Paulrovian State Librarian. i'll get the business cards reprinted.

  7. You truly have the best. Country. Evar.

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