join the blog of navarone TODAY! and receive this practical office training pamphlet


Vindictiveness, backbiting, sabotage,

petty name-calling.

6-page intense course.

Notice real results! Advanced course of… brownnosing, petty thievery, bribery, tax evasion, receipt doctoring, false insurance claims, forged expenses, fuel siphoning, personal injury claims, persistent/long term sick leave, cv forgery, commission rigging, time clock tampering, false relative death/amputation claims, slack timekeeping, safe breaking, alchoholic beverage concealment, postal theft, soap avoidance, sexual harassment, skiving. Machinery sabotage, till skimming, holiday timeshare scamming, desk smoking, medical sick line forgery, promotion rigging, reversible wage packet opening, bus vault combing, blackmail, low-level kidnapping, accountancy passwords, mileometer clocking, self defence training, electric meter gumming, card counting and horse doping.


send no money now.







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14 Responses to join the blog of navarone TODAY! and receive this practical office training pamphlet

  1. navelgazer says:

    nice to have you back from the desolate reaches of radio silence. back to yer old shenanigans.

  2. yes madam not only will you receive this attractive pamphlet but also this charming unsigned gert frobe photograph. not only that
    you will also receive this exciting guide to home taxidermy. but also
    this black and white photo of a bridge in yellowstone
    this attractive combination mobile phone camera.
    and this sublime elmer fudd doorbell.

  3. dewitte says:

    I used to have a mobile phone like that but I could never get it to focus. I am interested in your course. You had me at 'forged expenses'.

  4. yes sir not only will you receive the unfocusable camera sir, the unsigned unframed gert frobe photograph, the guide to home taxidermy, the black and white photo of a bridge in yellowstone national park, the sublime elmer fudd doorbell and the attractive pamphlet detailing amongst other things forged expenses but also sir
    also sir you will receive a fabulous full colour 28 page graphic book entitled. 'moses the golden years' showing the quieter life of the bearded man moses sir.

  5. Jamie says:

    Now you made me wish I worked in an office. I'm already pretty good at slack timekeeping but would really like to hear more about medical sick line forgery. That might come pretty handy on those days I just don't want to get out of bed.

  6. madam this pamphlet is what we call in the business a 'life-learner'
    so you dont work in an office. to tell you the truth neither do i.
    we're a lot alike you and i. and let me tell you this. i read this pamphlet every single day. this pamphlet has stuff you wouldnt believe. im gonna take a stab in the dark. bear with me here. ive just got a feelin. you're a pool owner right?
    i knew it!
    lady this leaflet has 50 things concerning pools. lady you are gonna wonder how you ever functioned without this thing. you can apply this leaflet to every single facet of your daily life.
    forget that it says office. we just put that up there for tax reasons. this baby covers everything. this thing is paper gold. this things a life-learner!

  7. Jamie says:

    Paul, you are without a doubt the funniest person on Vox. It's my pride and privilege to have you as a neighbor. Thanks for making us laugh.

  8. ai ai ai. we've had this fight before. you're funnier. and you've got a pool. (our mutual backslapping is making other voxers physically sick but i think we need the pick-me-ups dont you?) besides you'll give me a big head. give me illusions of grandeur. (see next post)

  9. AmyH says:

    *raises hand*
    Excuse me, sir? This pamphlet looks wonderful, and I adore the Elmer Fudd doorbell, but can I ask a silly question?
    No, a different silly question.
    What exactly is 'bus vault combing' and how will that help me in my daily life?

  10. Am I too late??? Any openings left? 'Cause I don't even know what "desk smoking" is, but I'm intrigued.

  11. amy? you dont mind if i call you amy do you? course not. we're all friends here. amy i was waitin for someone to ask me that question and you just shouted it right out didnt you? well good for you.
    all these other folks they were wantin to ask it but they just didnt know how to put it. well amy a direct question deserves a direct answer.
    bus vault combing is the art of removing money from a safe with nothing more than a comb. thats right a comb. now ive stunned you there. i can tell. just take a second to get your breath back. take a sip of water if you like. now i could say more amy. but to be frank. if i give out any more free nuggets of information my accountant is gonna have me hung drawn and quartered.

  12. too late??? heck the class cant start without you! in fact im gonna throw caution to the wind here. im gittin a good feelin here. somethin tells me i'm gonna regret this…oh what the hell! … i am going to waive the administration fee in your case! thats right! you will now only need to pay the 15 installments of $83.25. cant say fairer than that.

  13. Only $1250.00??? Sounds fair enough. I'm in!(Do you have any cemetery plots or swamp land for sale?)

  14. dang! i just sold my last cemetery plots on swamp land this morning.
    however i have some wonderful treasure maps for sale.

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