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9 Responses to fancy.

  1. It wouldn't have taken him so long if he had used an ice cream scoop!

  2. Ishtar says:

    Oh but what did he use to put himself in or did he?

  3. VSC: there speaks someone with experience. you've either eaten a lot of ice cream or scooped out a lot of animal guts. or both.
    Ishtar: hi. i think when trying on horsesuits its best to enter through the animals nose backwards.

  4. navelgazer says:

    possibly ishtar meant, what did he use to put himself in, before the horse, that is– for instance, armadilloes or water ballet or international politics. but that could just be questionable american so-called grammar muddling me. I suppose you're probably right. in which case I tend to use an aerosol propellant.

  5. oh i see! i think.
    when mr phlimp was a small boy his mother would dress him in the skin of a raccoon with ratskin shoes and a snake scarf. as walter progressed in size so did the rodentia. then koala bears, badgers, hounds. as a fully grown adult walter was allowed to dress himself.
    you see the mother nature has provided all shapes and sizes of animal so that man may bludgeon them, scoop out the innards, make a chowder and wear their skin as clothing. she even provided the elephant so that if mankind went really supersize there was an animal skin big enough to accommodate his bulky bulk.
    an elephant suit is the pinnacle of modern fashion.

  6. Ishtar says:

    This discussion is extremely enlightening. But what if the bulky bulk is so bulky that it can't get through the nose, especially the elephant one, which is long? Still worried.

  7. navelgazer says:

    one must always practice one's morning calisthenics so as to be super-stretchy. never forget. (is more emphasis required??) lest you suffer eternity trapped in the trunk of an elephant (an altogether less pleasant experience than the trunk of a lincoln continental, tho also not recommended).

  8. in such cases of bulkiest bulk it is acceptable to enter through the back forwards rather than the front backwards ishtar.
    indeed never forget. stretch exercises are a must. such cases of trunk suffocation are what brought about the term 'fashion victim'

    (an altogether less pleasant experience than the trunk of a lincoln continental, tho also not recommended).
    navelgazer has links to the chicago mob and has great experience of locking people in the trunks of automobiles. flout your veiled threats somewhere else navelgazer, you'll scare away the commentors.

  9. oh and i got your 'elephants never forget' reference. that was very good!

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