giant blue bear – ‘SOLD!’

the minute you came on the lot i said to myself  'tony that guy is walkin outta here with that blue bear' i just had a feelin ye know? you wont be dissapointed sir thats a hellava bear. hellava bear.

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3 Responses to giant blue bear – ‘SOLD!’

  1. Jamie says:

    You know, these pictures were a huge hit at the house but if Dewitte comes up to me and says "hellava muffin" one more time I might have to hit him with a cast iron skillet.

  2. Jamie says:

    Unfortunately he said "hellava bear" when he walked behind me while I was typing that last comment. While not "hellava muffin" it was close enough. I just switched to aluminum frying pan instead…it wasn't "hellava muffin" after all. The paramedics said he'll be fine in a couple days but now I've got to go buy him some aspirin.

  3. i wish i had more cartoon violence in my house. i wonder if the imprint of dewittes face was left in the bottom of the frying pan like when daffy duck gets hit in the face. then you could use it to make perfect jelly moulds of dewittes head.

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