bored saturday night

this talented girl mends broken spiderwebs with red thread. her name is nina katchadourian.

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5 Responses to bored saturday night

  1. hi navelgazer. yeh its kewl.
    she says she goes back the next day and often the spider has cut her red thread out and repaired the web. the red thread lies on the ground below the web.

  2. navelgazer says:

    trippin'. I finished reading another neil gaiman book and then I was bored and then I stared looking at all your fab new posts and now I'm not bored anymore. thnx.

  3. another. havent read any of his stuff. i bought Coraline last month because of the cover and the book guys recommendation. its a kids book so i should actually be able to finish it. the text size is like 5 times bigger than this! havent started it yet. what one did you read?

  4. navelgazer says:

    yesterday american gods. last week stardust (cuz they're making that movie), neverwhere, and good omens (cowritten with terry prachett). who says I'm avoiding reality? shuddup.

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