cluedo. glasgow edition

my girlfriend likes to play boardgames. last night we were playing cluedo. the glasgow edition. the board is much smaller due to poor quality glasgow housing. there are only two murder locations. the combined kitchen/bedroom/living room and the outside toilet. however there are seven times as many murder weapons including a sword, a shoe and a block of cheese the size of a car battery. i seen my girlfriend getting ready to guess so i thought i better have a go before her.

i guessed wrong with                                                             miss burberry tartan        

in the outside toilet        

with the bicycle chain        


my girlfriend won with                                                                mr paisley pattern        

in the combined kitchen/bedroom/living room        

with the snooker ball in a sock        


which led to me taking a huff, kicking the board through the window and killing my girlfriend        


so that would be                                                                                    paul        

in the living room        

with the chair leg        


her doberman took umbrage at me killing the girlfriend and killed me.        


so that would be                                                                            buttercup        

in the living room        

with the teeth        


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6 Responses to cluedo. glasgow edition

  1. Jamie says:

    Well, death becomes you because your just as funny as ever.

  2. AmyH says:

    You know, you and your girlfriend tend to beat/kill each other on a fairly regular basis. Have you ever thought about counseling?

  3. now you're telling me Crimson Cornflake? now? after the horse has bolted. where were you last night with your advice? i notice your new car is CRIMSON!. to go with your superhero outfit! its like your own personal batmobile. be careful out there. if me and my girlfriend get into heaven i'll find us a good counsellor.

  4. AmyH says:

    LOL! You're blowing my cover! I'll have to check my super hero job requirements to see if keeping you and girlfriend from murder/beatings falls within my scope. Perhaps that's considered "other duties as assigned".
    People have been asking me if I'll have a name for the new wheels, since I so lovingly referred to the old one as the Silver Lemon. Hmmm… The Cornflakemobile is too long. The Flakemobile, while maybe appropriate, is hardly fear-inducing/respect generating.

  5. during the day a mild mannered crime fighter. by dark – relationship councillor.
    yeh something fear inducing with a lot of alliteration. like 'the red rash' or 'the scarlett chariot'

  6. AmyH says:

    Thanks for the most helpful and indeed fear and/or discomfort inducing names. I'll keep them in mind…

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