my youth……..wasted. {werewolf in london.}



dewitte got me thinking about old computer games. i played this game for years on the spectrum. this screenshot is from the commodore 64 version. so you'll just have to imagine it with more garish colours. it was my favourite game. i could never complete it though. it was too hard. The aim of this game is to search London's streets, parks, rooftops and subways and find and eat the eight evil yuppies who turned you into a werewolf. When this is done (a cross flashes on the screen when one is close) the curse is broken. However, this isn't easy, as ive just found from the internet the programmers went bust before they included the eighth and final person you have to kill. the administrators sold the game to another programming company to recoup lost money and the new programmers never bothered finishing the game. they just released it as it was. so you cant finish it. its impossible. fucking brilliant. i want my life back.

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One Response to my youth……..wasted. {werewolf in london.}

  1. dewitte says:

    Oh, well – you had fun, didn't you? I think I was completely stuck on something called Tutankhamen at the arcade. I must have sank about three million dollars in quarters into that stupid machine. I only got to level 5 once but then I lost. I was glad to see that it is available on mame – now I just play with the cheats turned on – after level 5 it goes back to 1 I think and then just kind of randomly changes, but the butterfly thingys are much more eviler.

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