free dictator giveaways with every coup d’etat

as i have posted previously Glasgow is twinned with the small republic of Corroguay. everytime there is a change of power the new presidente sends out memorial cigar boxes filled with small likenesses of himself to all the children. i get one because my mother does jobs every now and then for several high ranking officials and its a way of keeping her updated whos currently in power. trouble is that the government is overthrown about every two weeks in Corroguay. so i have a pile of these toys.


thats chocolate crispy cakes in the background. yum.



my girlfriend is going nuts with the space these things take up. shes hoping corroguay gets a bit more stability about it soon. with the assignments my mothers got coming up over the next 6 weeks i dont think she should hold her breath. if you have any stocks or shares in anything connected with Corroguay try and sell them by wednesday lunchtime.

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