stolen from wikipedia. so sue me pardners. yee haw.

On july 21 1865, in the town square of springfield missouri, Hickok killed davis k tutt jr in a "quick draw" duel. fiction later typified this kind of gunfight, but Hickok's is in fact the only one to do it.

  • He preferred his own cap and ball Colt 1851 .36 Navy Model handguns. They had ivory handles and were engraved with his name, "J.B. Hickok." He acquired them shortly after or at the very close of the Civil War, for which he was a scout and spy. They had no triggers; Wild Bill would pull them up holding their hammers, and release to fire, giving him a slight speed advantage.
  • He wore his revolvers in reverse at his hips, sometimes in a red sash, and drew them from the inside, from the right hip with right hand and the left hip with left hand, claiming it was faster that way. and it is. try imaginary drawing against the cat the normal way, then his way.dont cross your arms. left hand left gun. right hand right gun. see its faster! plus no triggers!
  • he had a baby girl with calamity jane in 1873. calamity jane who was also called doris day is buried next to him.
  • whip krak away ~ whip krak away ~ whip krak away!
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