for mankind.

i have compiled this diagram.


i had some space down the bottom so i drew a monkey but you should just ignore that, the science bit is further up. this came to me in a flash, much like when einstein was in his car and shouted 'eureka!'

i think if we just dont run out of the stuff at the bottom and we kill the thing at the top we should be okay. its clear to me now that nature can be classified as fish and not fish. im working on the global warming thing. just give me a few days. im gonna have to donate my brain to science. its selfish for me to keep it for myself. 

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12 Responses to for mankind.

  1. dewitte says:

    We are very lucky that water can't eat… except for that one episode of X-Files. (but I won't bring that up because it isn't covered in your diagram.)

  2. you're right dewitte. iv made alterations and put monsters at the top of the food chain. i think that should cover it now. im a bit embarrased at that oversight.
    we're also lucky hay and fish food cant eat. unless theres more x files episodes i havent seen.

  3. Dear Paul, What about birds? They are not monsters, or tigers, or humans, or fish. But they don't eat hay, so I wouldn't put them in with the cows, sheep, and monkeys? Also, the cows might step on them. If you add them, it wuold be nice if they could be up high, 'cause– you know– they're birds. Perhaps they are monsters… sbam

  4. dang! birds. how could i leave out birds?! thats those dry fish-like things with wings right? if the cows step on them i think thats called natural selection or survival of the fittest, they'll just have to look out for themselves. them not eating hays a problem. that means i have to add bird seed to the list of main food groups. still, if somethings worth doing, its worth doing right! if i get the nobel prize for this, i'll be sure to give you both a mention.

  5. navelgazer says:

    ah, the rigors of science can never rest. I for one will certainly sleep better know ing you're on the case. (where do housepets fit into this diagram?– just out of curiosity. I'm not planning on eating anyone or anything.)

  6. I think the housepets go down next to the monkey. Maybe.

  7. i shall also mention you in my award speech nvlgzr for your input. i have reammended the diagram with a footnote on what doesnt make it into the diagram. it appears the once simple elegant beauty of my diagram is becoming lost in a mire of rewrites and addendums. still i must forge on for mankind. i feel my health failing. i need tea and toast.

  8. dewitte says:

    Thanks for doing this Paul – If I keep it with me, I will be safer when I go on my expedition. Hey, wait – should toast go on here… maybe not. I've never heard of man eating toast. Well, I've heard of man EATING toast, but not MAN eating toast.

  9. better safe than sorry. i'll add it to the list.

  10. navelgazer says:

    I stand in awe of your selfless pursuit of the definitive truth–this issue is simply too important to allow for cut corners. unless we mend our ways, I foresee a world populated only by monsters, man-eating-toast and ricardo montalban.

  11. PAUL!!! This is on the explore page! My voice has been heard; I shall never question or criticize the explore page again.

  12. well it was nice knowing you losers. i'll need to find a better class of neighbourhood now that im vox famous. soooo long suckers.
    ~#!#~ gosh sorry guys i didnt mean that. i dont know what came over me. it was the ego talking. i've been under a lot of stress what with the food chain and all. guys?……guys?…….
    boohoo…my egos scared them off…
    i shall immerse myself in my scientific studies to ease the pain.
    ps {kewl! do i win a car? or a holiday even?? i hope vox will let me swap my car for its monetary equivalant cos i need the money. i expect they'll offer both.}

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