vox workplace chuckles

vox privacy settings ( neighbourhood, friends,family ) obviously dont apply to those that work in the big vox office. they can see everything. i'll bet they all have a good laugh at all the really private stuff. embarrasing medical ailments. marital indiscretions. pet death.


office joe: hey guys! check out this bum! hes mourning the death of his mother! ha ha hah!

office wendy: ha ha ha! thats great. this guys got piles! ha ha ha!

office freddy: no ha ha! i can beat that! this guys got cancer and his wifes left him.

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One Response to vox workplace chuckles

  1. Lauri says:

    I worry about the emails we send each other at work. We get very vulgar, just for fun, and I am SURE supervision has a grand time reading THOSE. Well…actually, I don't worry, I just get even more vulgar to give them a thrill! 😉

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