Oh Susanna – second only to maple syrup.

woohoo. going to see oh susanna aka suzie ungerleider on saturday at the tron with eight friends. she is the bees knees. oh susanna and suzie ungerleider are the second best thing to come out of canada after maple syrup.


oh susanna was wonderful. suzie signed my girlfriends toy accordion after the gig and she didnt tell me to piss off even though i drunkenly garbled absolute shite to her at the end. woohoo. she has a bran spankin new album called short stories which tops the last one even. she has a myspace site and you can hear it there. not that you're interested you bunch of tone deaf neanderthals. i think she could have filled ten times the size but it was great cos we were so close. to think she comes all the way to this hole called glasgow to play to 60 people in the side bar at the tron is amazing. thanks oh susanna – you're pure gallas! when im famous i'll sign your accordion.

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4 Responses to Oh Susanna – second only to maple syrup.

  1. Is that anything like Oh, Calcutta!?

  2. Oh! Calcutta!, Ken Tynan's infamous full-frontal nude revue which was widely attacked as the point at which the "permissive 60s" had gone too far

    whoahh! no no no.
    full frontal nudity wouldnt be a bad thing $6 cos shes a fox but no. shes canadian folky/rock singer Suzie Ungerleider . and she'll be fully clothed.
    have you seen…. 'oh yes wyoming!'
    click on 'uniform' film cannister at the top.

  3. Jamie says:

    Sorry she's not going to be naked..I'm sure your girl friend will appreciate it though. My only question..when she comes from Alabama, does she have a banjo on her knee?

  4. yee haw! nope just a guitar. i wish she did have a banjo. the banjos a most underrated instrument.

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