pocket money

im giving my dad his allowance last week. 5 pounds as usual. so i give him it and hes still hanging around like he wants to say something. so i say 'what is it dad?' and he says, 'well, ive been speaking to the other dads and they're all getting ten pounds at least' so i fly off the handle and say 'how the fuck are you supposed to learn the value of money if i just give you ten pounds for nothing?' and i tell him to go clean his room. then my mum comes in. she says shes washed the car and shes cut the grass and can she leave the dishes till tomorrow? the older generation. no fucking work ethic.

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2 Responses to pocket money

  1. Jamie says:

    Damn parents! You need to keep your parents away from the other parents if they're going to be comparing notes. That's not good for anybody..besides, if your dad's friend jumped off a bridge, would he do it too?

  2. exactly. hes just getting to that difficult age i think. he just mopes around the house slamming doors.

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