ding! ding! ding! went the trolley. clang! clang! clang! went the bell

i remember when the cinema used to be a sacred place. like church. people would be really quiet like in a library.whispering. the lights would go down and everyone would get quieter. they dont do that now. its like the swimming baths.

anyhoo. i was at the cinema with my girlfriend. they reshowed the wizard of oz. i think the mix of drink and sweets and film gave me really lucid dreams/nightmares. i dreamt i was in oz and glenda said to me. 'but paul you've been able to go home all this time, just click your heels together on the green slippers and say theres no place like glasgow, theres no place like glasgow,theres no place like glasgow. so i said it and clicked the heels on these green slippers and they dump me slap bang in the middle of buchanan street in town at 5 oclock in a blue dress an easter bonnet and these bloody green slippers with fur an a kitten heel. and they're a size 4 and im a size 9. so im screaming trying to run away from this bunch of skinheads with bricks and baseball bats and i cant run in these damn shoes. so finally i woke up relieved. i mean literally. relieved. id pissed the bed with fear. manky.

anyway. next week they're reshowing sound of music and ive looked up julie andrews shoe size and shes a 9 like me so that should go a bit better.

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