womens intuition.

6 months ago at new year. me and my girlfriend get in a taxi. as usual i watch the meter the whole way home. shaking my head as it clicks over. 20 pence at a time. each time lifting my hand and motioning to my girlfriend as if to say :   'are you watching this meter? this is rigged right? hes definately gummed this meter its too fast.' shaking my head. inaudibly murmuring under my breathe at the guy in his rear view mirror. 'i know your game buddy, you conman son of a bitch.at least dick turpin wore a mask, son of a bitch.' my girlfriend just rolls her eyes and stares out the window. so we finally get to my house and the guy says cos its new year after twelve he has to add on an extra 50 pence. so i just shake my head and murmur and hand over the extra 50 pence, leave the taxi, slump upstairs and go to bed.

6 months later. yesterday. im watching the news with my girlfriend. some greenpeace fucker is climbing the anchor of a japanese whaling boat. my attention drifts and i begin to stare off into the distance. my girfriend from out of nowhere. she says: "you cheap bastard. your thinking about that fuckin taxi and throws a book at me and storms off." and she was right. i was thinking about that taxi. son of a bitch.

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2 Responses to womens intuition.

  1. to counter that…I called my husband a "knob" today. A few hours later he said that I had shown great restraint in calling him a knob and not the first two things that came to my mind, because those things were probably far worse than knob.To which I replied, "Nope, knob was the exact word I wanted.

  2. hehe.yeh. we dont have intuition.

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