summer sandwich recipe. aaaah! refreshing!

you will need:


cheap white bread.



wash the lettuce. then dry it but not too much. you still want it a bit wet. now put that to the side till we prepare the rest.

butter the bread. you'll be wanting a lot of butter. more than that. thats it thats plenty. now put the lettuce on the bread and sprinkle sugar on the wet lettuce. about a tablespoons worth. oh what the heck. do two tablespoons worth.

now put the other bread on top and scrunch it down with your hand. now try it. go on dont be scared its nice.

mmmm thats nice isnt it? perfect for hot summer days.

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10 Responses to summer sandwich recipe. aaaah! refreshing!

  1. Sounds gritty! Perfect for a picnic at the beach!

  2. thats true. i hadnt thought of that. perfect for windy days at the beach. good beach food is a quandry. toffee apples are bad i find for windy days at the beach.

  3. or a day that you wished you were at the beach…stick your feet in a tub of salt water and have one of these sandwiches…the next thing you know you will be hallucinating german tourists in speedos.

  4. oh i wouldnt need to hallucinate. you'd be amazed at the amount of speedo wearing german tourists hanging about glasgow streets.

  5. oh oh oh! and ive solved our bedbug worry. a waterbed! and plastic sheets. theres no way those suckers can breathe underwater! dont know if me and my girlfriend will stomach a waterbed but its in the interests of cleanliness.

  6. Jamie says:

    My grandma used to make those without the lettuce. She was cheap.

  7. hahaha cheap. we all need to tighten our belts jamie. these are hard times. especially with the price of lettuce rocketing as it is. here you pay a whole british pound for an iceburg lettuce which i thinks about two dollars. if i could go back ten years id throw all my money into the lettuce business.

  8. Lauri says:

    Wow, this sounds delicious and nutricious!! Veggies, grains, dairy!!! What's not to like? 🙂

  9. Here's a twist: just put it all in a blender so you can sip it through a straw. I think even if I had as much to drink as I had a couple of weekends ago, I still couldn't eat something like that. nasty. to each his own I guess. Cheers!

  10. dewitte says:

    whoa – I thought we were talking about a delicious summer treat – not tightening our belts and saving money (or monet). make mine a double!

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