whisky galore

this is a whisky barrel holder on the edge of glasgow. basically if a whisky company wants an aged oak barrel they come here. they borrow it for 3-12 years, store whisky in it, then hand it back. its kind of like renting. the barrels that sit outside are the returns.they're all here, single malt, pure malt, blended, single blend, single cask.Glenglasshaugh, Macallan, Benromach,  Blair atholl, Mortlach, Glenkinchie, Glenlivet, Bruichladdich, Glenlossie, Glen Mhor, Caperdonich, Glenmorangie all chalked on the side o the barrel. the piles are endless. they sit outside for about 6 months to allow any whisky still in the wood to sweat out.

this is where me and my brother bobby come in.

bobby is built like a brick shithouse. hes able to pick me up above his head and throw me over the fence and im not small. you can speed up the process of sweating alchohol from a barrel by using a small portable blowtorch. you heat the inside and the outside of the barrel and the alchohol comes out. it doesnt look like alchohol, it looks like yacht varnish but its alchohol alright. we get as much of this stuff into jars. we take it home, we mix it with a few other things to make it safe then we need to dilute it {its pure alchohol}. then we've got the best quality alchohol in glasgow for free. whisky galore.

next week i'll show you how to pour methylated spirits through a loaf of bread to get the purple dye out.




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One Response to whisky galore

  1. Lauri says:

    LOL!This is fantastic!You guys are good!Great story!

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