CAREFUL. this is not a nice story.

i work on an industrial estate on the edge of the river clyde.i was told this story by an old guy that works with me on the site. its not there any more but there used to be a steel works on this same site. we're talking 70 yrs ago at least. as was common around that time there were many generations of the same family working in the steel mill. he says that there were so many deaths in the steel mills that they built a morgue on the site. this building is the only building that remains from the steelworks. it is used as offices by lots of little companies who probably dont know what it used to be. the floors are all tiled in this building and there are blood drains in the floor.i'll put a photo of this building up next week. he went on to tell me this horrific thing. he had heard that a man had fell into one of the steel smelting pools and was in it up to his chest. remember this is like molten lava, and that the mans father was working very close by and seen that his son had fallen in. the father ran over and quickly put his foot on top of his sons head and pushed him down completely under the steel. killing him instantly.

so basically this father had the guts and the determination and the speed of thought to know that his son would not survive and he wanted to kill his own son as quickly as possible to stop the pain. i think thats the most horrific story ive ever been told.

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3 Responses to CAREFUL. this is not a nice story.

  1. Lauri says:

    Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. That IS a horrific story. But I have to say that man did the bravest thing I have ever heard of. Oh MY GOSH.

  2. dewitte says:

    Thanks. Yes, that is horrific – but what if, unknown to the father, the son had the ability to ward off heat and fire and not burn UNLESS his head goes under. Now that would be IRONic.

  3. that would be IRONic. i think that marvel superhero didnt quite make the final stages. 'magma immersement boy!' whos achilles heel is just slightly too much magma immersement.
    can you imagine him coming home to the mrs?
    hello dear, how was your day at the steelmill?
    oh fine fine. old jack told this really funny joke. he's such a hoot. oh and i killed the boy.

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