i have waltons disease



the doctor says thats what iv got. every now and again i'll be doing something and that narrator guy from the waltons will jump into my head and comment on what i'm doing. i'll be buying bananas and he'll be like: "bananas were rare on waltons mountain,I remember one spring when, as young men, we  blah blah blah"   or i'll be eating toast and he'll start saying:    "toast is always with me. It is forever interwoven with those voices that echo through that house still. blah blah blah"

well its really pissing me off so ive been searching the internet for waltons stuff in an effort to find a cure. found some amazing things, it turns out that whenever the waltons mention waltons mountain they're referring to that thing on john boys face. after further reading i found out that thing fell off john boys face. he woke up one morning and it was just lying there on the pillow next to him. then it sued him for half his wages he earned on the waltons and won. now it owns a small publishing house in carson city churning out cheap romance novels.


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