through the laundry room, out the window, over the fence and away!

looking back i realised we were no longer crazy little boys… but little women


i had first admitted myself in order to have something to blog about-believing it would be a struggle. but in truth i thrived on the routine nature of institutional life. i also found that i excelled in most areas of depravity and took it upon myself to be the best nut on b block. the doctors would do their daily rounds and discuss my condition in whispers and huddled astonishment, and every day i would be desperate to impress them with a new excrement wall painting or i would eat something inedible. they would mark my chart and move on. when i got bored and tried to leave they wouldnt let me. in the end me and otto had to leave through a hole otto had pulverised out of the back of a spin dryer in the laundry room.

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