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4 Responses to advertising feature

  1. E says:

    A couple of weeks after I accidentally killed my family's housecat, my brother bought a book that featured 101 ways to use a dead cat. My mother gave him such a look, and hid the book under the windowseat.

  2. 101 ways? really? man thats a lot.
    1. draught excluder
    2. davy crocket hat
    3. teapot cosy
    4. mop
    5. paperweight
    6. pencil holder.
    7. blackboard duster
    8. ….um…nope… cant think of any more…
    can i ask how you killed your family's cat?

  3. E says:

    Accidentally. My family was coming home from celebrating my older sister's birthday at Swiss Chalet, and I spooked him into running onto the street. He was hit by a car. My siblings held it against me for ages.

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