tenement living

the girl next door is a paranoid nut. she has rearranged her furniture and is panicked because her couch has lined up with marks in the wall and and her table lines up with dents in the floor from the where the previous owner had his couch and his table. he died of a heroin overdose. she is spooked.

the guy downstairs is a drunk in his late fifties. he says he is almost deaf and always wears a badge that says 'its my birthday'. he plays music dead loud.katie melua….david gray…. over and over again. a while ago he was drunk playing wuthering heights by kate bush. you know the one, where shes singing: heathcliff its me its cathee. iv come home nooow …. let me in at your windooow. he played it over and over and then he turned it off and started crying and shouting heathcliff! heathcliff! its me cathy. its dead cold out here! let me in. please let me in. im so cold. and kept on crying. me and my girlfriend were lying in my bed pissing ourselves laughing. poor bastard. he was probably sitting in his pants and an easter bonnet.

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