dead bloggers society

i figure that out of all the people that havent posted in 6 months, most will just have got fed up with vox and found something interesting to do with their lives- but some- will have posted as normal and then died. through old age, yachting accidents, electrocution, heart attack, cable car disaster, drug overdose. so there are all these eerie posts still floating about on vox from dead people. peoples last thoughts, maybe a clue to whoever murdered them. so come on vox find them and point them out to us and we'll get a wee laugh or a cry. ha ha. boo hoo.

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2 Responses to dead bloggers society

  1. jenny says:

    You're a cheery sort of fellow aren't you?

  2. i havent been the same since 'V' ended jenny. you know how im feeling. hope the clown tasted good.

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