‘Love’ Boat Denied Permission To Dock (Reuters-5/01/1986)

following voxers naming the love boat as one of their most missed tv shows i thought it was apt to remind them of this news story. was i the only one that seen this back in the eighties?

'Love' Boat Denied Permission To Dock (Reuters-5/01/1986)

Glasgows government officials have taken the step of refusing The Love Boat docking permission at Port Glasgow. Ghana and San Francisco have followed suit. a spokesman for Glasgow City Council also suggested that the ship should be quarantined as soon as possible. "we all watch 'the smut boat' and we all are astounded that within every hour of the show there are whirlwind romances beginning and ending. they're all jumping into bed with each other. weve got a big enough problem with STD's in Port Glasgow and the last thing we need is this promiscuous ship letting all these rich toffee nosed playboys and snotty licentious wanton golddiggers disembark, spreading disease around the city. maybe if they gave that nice Judy McCoy a few more decent storylines we'd reconsider". When questioned on the councils lack of even-handedness concerning the granting of port access to a sewage barge from Norway only last week the spokesman replied: "youv'e got to draw the line somewhere, when we accepted the sewage boat we said that's the last boat full of shite we're taking and we're sticking to that. they can drift at sea if they want, they cant fucking stop here. when Love Boat producers were asked what their response to this snub was they replied, "The Love Boat is currently filming off of Hawaii and has no intention of going anywhere near Scotland never mind that shithole Glasgow.I dont know what this Scottish loser is talking about."


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One Response to ‘Love’ Boat Denied Permission To Dock (Reuters-5/01/1986)

  1. Yeah, we used to call it the Muff Boat, Meat Boat, Snatch Boat, Gopher's Island, and similar. Good times…

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